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Custom Fabricated Gates in Naples Florida

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Are you a Southwest Florida homeowner looking into having a custom driveway gate?installed yet need to research the cost, material, benefits and maintenance? For a long term home investment such as a gate, we deliver quality designs you can count on from farmhouse to modern or traditional styles.

American Veteran Welding is veteran owned and operated, welding and metal fabrication company licensed and insured in Collier county. We specialize in fabricating custom designed gates for residential and commercial clients in all shapes and sizes from modern to traditional styles.

A gate, fence and pedestrian door are great options, and one you should consider if you moved into a new home or are looking to update your security. If you are looking to do just that, give our Veteran owned small business a call today to help you get started: (239) 682-3057 or click, here.

Material: Aluminum vs Steel Metal

Have you thought about what type of material would be most beneficial to use? Aluminum driveway gates are gaining popularity these days. Here are a few reasons why.

  • The Cost: Iron or steel gates can be elaborate, elegant, and a good choice, but they are heavy and typically pricey. An aluminum driveway gate, though still costly, is much less expensive and can copy the look of steel. Though still an investment, with aluminum, you get many benefits that make the expense worth it.

  • Maintenance-Free: Iron gates require a lot of maintenance, which includes cleaning, sanding rust, priming, and painting to keep it in good shape especially in humid climates such as South Florida. Aluminum gates come with an enamel or glassy coating that makes them very low maintenance, almost maintenance-free. The enamel coat on aluminum protects the gates from deteriorating over time and also protects them from chipping, flaking, or cracking. Aluminum’s low-maintenance quality is a big reason why it is one of the best options because it makes the gates last for a longer amount of time.

  • Lightweight and Durable: Iron is heavy and can be hard to close, whereas aluminum is light and easy to manage. Worried about rust? No need. Aluminum is resistant to rust, and you can be sure that your gate will stand the test of time. Though light, aluminum is very durable; because it can stand up to the elements and does not corrode and rust easily, it will last a lot longer. Since it is so light, there is less rough handling of the gates as you open and close them.

Steel on the other hand, is a heavy duty metal that would be useful in terms of strength for security reasons or commercial properties such as a jail or any building project. Therefore, unless a customer specifically requests steel material and understating the different option type for their residential property, the common metal type would be aluminum.


No matter what style of aluminum driveway gate you choose for your home, it will need posts on each end to mount to. Standard posts can be ordered along with your new gate or you can add custom options such as stone pillars come installation time. Many homeowners upgrade to stone pillars to make a bold statement to the driveway and home. Depending on the budget, your choice of materials for a pillar can range from masonry, brick, stone, and more.


The cons to not adding electric features to your gate would be having to manually open and close your gate each time you enter and leave your property. Automation could be set as a sliding or swinging feature in the direction of your choice. A sliding gate benefits a homeowner with a limited driveway area, whereas a double swing gate would need space directly behind it to open or close. Sliding gates also benefit homeowners with an inclined/sloped driveway, a double swing gate would require an even ground.


Gates are a common feature on many of the large (1 acre plus) lots in Naples, and the style of the entry gates often reflect the architecture of the house. Electric gates are a good layer of security which block visibility to your home, increasing your privacy.

Pedestrian Gates

If you do not have a driveway or large enough entryway, another option to consider for security or privacy is a pedestrian gate. It could be made on its own or as part of an automatic gate and/or fence.

Increase Your Property Value

A home with great curb appeal can attract more potential buyers to your home if you intend to sell. Some insurance carriers will also lower your premium if you install an automatic gate because it’s seen as added security.


With an automated driveway gate installed, you can control who has access to your driveway. An automatic gate entry system will allow you to open and close the gate in a few seconds with just a click of a remote or keypad.

Our Process

We provide a timeline including production, fabrication, scheduling, delivery, and installation. Adjustments that will affect the schedule or budget are identified and communicated. Our goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

  1. Schedule an estimate: An appointment can be made within 7 business days since an inquiry was made. Measurements will be taken at this time, as well as an inspection of your property to discuss if a sliding or swing gate is recommended for your home and other requests such as material, automation, desired color, and if you are interested in a fence or pedestrian gate to match your entryway. Once estimate is approved, we require a 50% deposit before starting the work.

  2. Ordering Material: Metal can take up to 1 week to order depending on type.

  3. Production: Fabricating a custom gate can last up to 1-2 weeks based on the complexity of your project.

  4. Painting: Powder coating takes approximately 4 weeks.

  5. Installation: Depending on if you select a manual or automatic gate, an install can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Consider American Veteran Welding for all of your residential welding and fabrication solutions today by calling us to schedule an estimate: (239) 682-3057

We look forward to working with you!

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