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Custom handrail fabrication American Veteran Welding.png


American Veteran Welding is the solution to your custom metal work needs in Southwest Florida.


We fabricate high quality aluminum and steel for numerous projects including structural steel products. 

We offer fabrication services for:

  • Commercial 

  • Gated Communities

  • Hotels

  • Industrial

  • Property Management Companies

  • Residential

  • Retail

Welder American Veteran Welding.png


Experienced in a variety of welding techniques and certified through the American Welding Society.


Fully equipped mobile welding service vehicle with modern equipment to tackle jobs from our neighbors, small businesses to construction projects.

Types of welding include:

  • Certified Welding

  • MIG welding

  • Stick welding

  • Arc Welding Services

  • Tig Welding Services

Repairs American Veteran Welding.png


We provide emergency onsite service for homes, businesses, and property management companies who need welding repairs which

 helps our customers avoid long lead times and drop off requirements from local fabrication shops.

Maintenance capabilities include:

  • Carports

  • Compactors

  • Enclosures

  • Gates 

  • Handrails

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Railings

  • Stairways

Metal Supply American Veteran Welding.png


We work with steel suppliers from around the state and out of state to provide you with all your steel  and aluminum needs. Structural angles, channels, beams, wide flange beams, flat bar, plate, sheet, pipe and much more.


Metal types delivered on site:

  • Aluminum

  • Cast Iron

  • Carbon Steel

  • Galvanized

  • Low-carbon mild steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Steel

  • Titanium

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