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5 Metal Fabrication Ideas to Modernize your Luxury Home

If you live in Southwest Florida and are looking for ideas to upgrade your residential aesthetic from traditional to contemporary, consider these custom exterior and interior metal enhancements that will transform the presentation of your household.

1. Driveway Gates

Gates welcome your family and friends to your home or customers and clients to your commercial property and give a sense of security and make long lasting impression. Our custom designed gates definitely stand out from common manufactured gates and fencing that are seen all to often. We offer a variety designs from horizontal or vertical modern looks to ornamental elegant patterns. Identifying your needs for what type of gate is needed is important and can vary from space restrictions or width capabilities and code requirements. From automated sliding gates to double swing gates or single swing with keyless entry, key pad and exiting sensors, we are here to communicate and achieve our clients needs and satisfaction.

2. Modern Handrails

Handrails main purpose is for support up a flight of steps in a staircase or walkway, but can also drastically improve the look and statement of your home or commercial property. Here at American Veteran Welding we custom fabricate modern and contemporary handrails to give a minimalistic and architectural view that compliment the property. From stainless steel brushed finish to an aluminum powder coated finish, we offer a variety of designs that can also can mirror railings and gates.

3. Railings

We specialize in custom designed modern metal railings from aluminum or steel with a variety of finishes for both indoors and outdoors. We work with home owners and commercial builders to provide elegant ornamental designs that ensures their needs and wants are met. Railings for balconies, pool decks, patios, walkways, stairways and staircases can greatly increase your property value and boost the overall look and feel of your home or property. We offer a variety of designs from stainless steel cable railings to mesh designs and other privacy designs. Top quality powder coating to your color specifications and trusted to withstand South Florida's very humid climate.

4. Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters and colonial shutters can provide an attractive aesthetic look all while reducing noise, increasing security, provide shade and be energy efficient in the open position. We are certified in multiple welding procedures making our shutter frames hurricane and impact resistant. They are permanently attached to the top of your window openings either partially or fully to achieve your desired appearance. Theres a variety of components to add like telescopic arms, fixed brackets, low profile blades or Z blades. All our shutters come with professional powder coating of your choice that will last a life time.

5. Metal Planters

Incorporating greenery into a building’s façade gives it architectural interest and natural beauty. Made to add visual interest to commercial buildings, residential homes, patios and pool decks. Aluminum weighs less than other planter metals and offers great strength as a material. This is important for installations where weight of the planters is a factor and the strength of aluminum translates to being frost proof ,crack proof and low maintenance as they can be left outside year-round. Further more, aluminum can be powder coated in a variety of colors and will not corrode or produce rust run-off from watering.

How we work together:

We provide a timeline including production, fabrication, scheduling, delivery, and installation. Adjustments that will affect the schedule or budget are identified and communicated. Our goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

Consider us for all your residential welding and fabrication solutions today by calling us today to schedule an estimate: (239) 682-3057

We look forward to working with you!


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